Eating and drinking.

Stomach acid oh…

YEah.. we humans enjoy digesting things. Or could I say, ingesting things (insert evil laugh here). Yeah, you heard it right folks, we love to eat as a collective. It provides us nourishment and comfort. 

When we eat, food lands right in the stomach’s pool of coca-cola type level pH.

When we add water to it, things get…diluted. And when your vodka you bought from your friend 21 or not freezes in the fridge…you may get uneasy. This is how the digestive tract will operate after poorly broken-down materials are passed through tubes and pipes that are not properly lubricated already for this mad mess. It is because water should not be consumed within 30-60 minutes after eating a meal. Snacks, most likely included. 

Drinking something (like wine) before a meal for me is experienced occasionally, while water is most frequent. I assume since there is probably not food in your belly before a big-three meal that it is okay to drink before eating. 

Drinking while eating is probably more strenuous to the body than taking a little sip while eating some dry meat, and hard to chew foods like gummy steaks. Drinking a sip after a meal is alright, then again, its your body. Do what feels right. 

One thing I may mention is that after a few weeks of not drinking (anything) while eating is that I poop better. My stomach feels more pure and my pipes feel smooth and upgraded. 

I believe eating and drinking now hurts my stomach.

Anyways, I think it’s an interesting endeavor. Give it a try some time! (If you are a lab rat science geek double life). JK